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Can you relocate when you share custody with your ex?

In the time after your divorce, things can change significantly. You may find yourself with a job offer that requires you to relocate. You may also simply want to move to be closer to family, friends or other important social groups in your life. When you share custody with your ex, though, that move may be a complex matter. What should you know about relocating while sharing custody?

What must you do to relocate?

Because of the challenges that relocation can create for parents sharing physical custody or scheduling visitation, parents in Texas must carefully approach their move. In some cases, parents can reach an agreement together about whether a move is in the best interests of their child.

However, if parents disagree or if their custody agreement includes guidelines about where their child must reside, they will need court approval before relocation. This requires submitting a petition to the court and arguing whether the move is in the child’s best interest during a relocation hearing.

What if you don’t submit a petition?

While a relocation hearing may be daunting to some parents, relocating a child could be considered parental kidnapping without that legal process. Because of this, it is particularly important for parents to review their custody agreement, discuss the matter with their child’s other parent and go through necessary legal channels.

When parents have concerns about how relocation may impact their custody arrangement, it can be helpful to discuss the matter with an attorney. Legal guidance can ensure that they take the necessary steps to support their child and protect their parental rights.

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