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Why are some parents leaving their kids off social media?

One of the joys of being a parent is the opportunity to share your child with your loved ones. Whether you have hundreds of adorable pictures or you enjoy writing about their jokes and accomplishments, it can be fun to share updates with your family and friends.

In addition to the opportunity to share, many platforms will also remind you of past events that can be fun to recall, like the first days of school. Some parents, however, are starting to rethink whether it is a good idea to share with such a large audience.

Here’s what you should consider when deciding whether you (and your spouse) should include your child in social media posts.

Divorcing parents

Whether married or divorced, parents want what is best for their children. The tricky situation is when parents disagree on what is best. In extreme cases, parents will differ simply because they are angry with the other parent.

Ultimately, you and your spouse will need to find common ground on how you will approach posts that include your child on social media. Consider alternatives, such as:

  • Limited permission for who can see a social media post
  • Creating an email group to share updates with select people
  • Sending a family update letter each quarter

While social media is an easy way to quickly send information to a large group, it can also reach people you do not intend.

Child privacy

In the span of a generation, the technological world has changed dramatically. Instead of paper job applications and resumes, companies will check online profiles and do image searches.

As you consider your child’s future, you may also want to consider what you post online. The images that are adorable to share with family now could be embarrassing to explain in the future.

Internet is forever

You should also keep in mind that images on social media will exist digitally forever. Although you can delete them from your account, you only have limited control of the image from the moment it was online until you take it down.

While the image is on social media, other people with access to your profile can share or screenshot the photo and potentially distribute the picture.

Social media can be a fun way to share updates with your loved ones, but it is essential to keep in mind what you post and who has access to pictures of your child.

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