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Surprising divorce laws

Divorce may feel deeply personal, but it is a legal process, just like marriage. After all, we can be together with another for our entire lives without getting the state involved. Once we decide to get married though, we bring the state in, which means it is controlled by the law, and, oddly, this has some surprising results.

The first divorce

The first divorce recorded on American soil occurred in 1639 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The result was the punishment of the husband for the divorce. He was forced to give up all of his possessions to his wife. He was then fined, put into the stock and banished from the colony! Luckily, such punitive measures for divorce are no longer the norm.

Divorce over time

The divorce legal landscape has evolved over the past 400 years. The laws have significantly changed, and the rates of divorce have also changed over time. Indeed, during the divorce revolution of the 1970s and 1980s, divorce rates spiked, and have since tapered down, though, rates have been steadily increasing again as of late.

What about Texas?

For our McAllen, Texas, readers, the question is, what about Texas? Well, we do have our very own wacky divorce law. We cannot finalize a divorce when the wife is pregnant and the husband is the genetic father. Couples in this situation have to wait for the child to be born before a judge will grant a divorce, decide child custody and make a child support decree. Of course, the couple could prove that the husband is not the genetic father to get a sooner divorce. Texas is not the only state that has this law too. Arkansas, Arizona, Florida and Missouri all have the same law, so at least we are not alone.

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