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Texas law enforcement officer arrested on federal drug charge

A law enforcement officer with the Texas Department of Public Safety, or DPS, has been arrested on federal drug charges. He has been a trooper since 2015 and, prior to that, had worked at a privately owned holding facility for federal detainees.

As a result of his arrest, he has been temporarily relieved of duty until the DPS can complete its own internal review of its officer’s conduct.

The officer faces one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance. If we want pre-trial release, he will be expected to post bond of $75,000, with $5,000 of that being cash up front.

The officer resided in the McAllen area at the time of his arrest on these federal drug charges.

Authorities began focusing on the trooper’s activities as part of an investigation into the man’s family.

The man’s family purportedly has ties to the smuggling of controlled substances, including heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine, up through Texas and into another Southern state for distribution.

According to authorities, the trooper would use his position to feed information, such as vehicle registration information available to DPS employees, to members of his family.

Conspiracy charges are a common tool used in federal drug enforcement

Conspiracy charges are a favorite tool of federal prosecutors and those who enforce the nation’s drug laws. Part of the reason that they are so popular is that they are broad.

For example, this trooper is seemingly being charged with conspiracy for improperly looking up vehicle information.

The penalties for conspiracy are also steep. With respect to drug charges, a conspirator will face the same penalty as the person who actually committed the underlying offense regardless of his or her role in the conspiracy.

Federal drug charges can land a person in prison for years and lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines as well as other penalties. This is why people facing charges of this nature should be well aware of their legal options.


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