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The six grounds for divorce in Texas

There are many reasons why a couple in McAllen will decide to end their marriage. When it comes to officially filing for divorce, the person filing for divorce needs to specify a “ground” or reason for the divorce. The following are some grounds for divorce in Texas.


In Texas, if the marriage has become insupportable due to personality conflicts or marital strife, this can be a reason for divorce. In other states this is known as a “no-fault” divorce. Many divorces in Texas are no-fault divorces.

Cruelty and adultery

Two other grounds for divorce are cruelty and adultery. Cruelty exists if one spouse’s bad treatment towards the other makes living together impossible. Adultery exists if one spouse cheated on the other.

Felony conviction

Another ground for divorce is a felony conviction. If one spouse is convicted of a felony, has been imprisoned for at least one year and has not been pardoned, this may be grounds for a divorce.

Abandonment and living apart

If one spouse left the other intending to abandon them and has lived away for at least 12 months, this is considered abandonment and can be grounds for a divorce. Another ground of divorce is living apart. If the spouses have lived totally apart for at least three years, they can list this as a ground for divorce.

Know your rights

These are the six grounds for divorce in the state of Texas. Ultimately, any spouse wishing to divorce in Texas only needs to identify the reason for the divorce so they can move forward with a fresh start.


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