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Teen driver doing donuts kills passenger


Donuts are generally viewed as a tolerable treat apart from their contribution to unwanted weight gain. However, when the “donut” is a tire mark left by a fast-moving car, the consequences can be more serious. A teenager, apparently under the influence of alcohol, was performing car donuts to impress her friends when she struck a support wire for a utility pole, causing her car to roll and throw out a male passenger. The young man was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency responders.

The incident

Three teenagers were riding in a sedan after stopping at a convenience food store near Willis, a small town north of Houston, when the driver decided to perform a few “car donuts.” A car donut is a circular tire mark made by driving a car at a high speed while suddenly twisting the steering wheel to make the rear tires follow a circular path around the front tires. The aim of the maneuver is to create a smooth circle of tire tracks and perhaps even burn a little rubber during the maneuver. The young woman was attempting to create a car donut in the small parking lot adjacent to the convenience store. Her car struck a guy wire supporting a utility pole and rolled over. As the car rolled, the young man, who was riding in the rear seat, was thrown from the vehicle and killed instantly. The other passenger was injured, but the driver escaped harm.

Police investigating the incident said they found open containers of alcohol, and the young woman tested positive for intoxication after her blood was drawn at a nearby hospital. The teenager has been charged with intoxication, manslaughter and incarcerated in the Montgomery County Jail.


The medical condition of the other passenger was not described by police, but the young woman is apparently in stable condition. The 17-year old driver is facing very serious criminal charges that could lead to incarceration, loss of driving privileges and a significant fine. Anyone who may be facing similar charges may wish to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for an evaluation of the evidence, an opinion on the likelihood of being convicted and assistance in negotiating a plea agreement.

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