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A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Values Your Rights

It is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney by your side from day one because the criminal justice system is stacked against you. I am Juan Ramos, founder of Juan Ramos Law Group, PLLC. I understand that a criminal investigation or arrest can be overwhelming. Your freedom, financial future and happiness are all on the line. I can provide you with a thorough and powerful defense. Over the years, I have worked with clients throughout Texas.

Criminal Investigations

I have represented individuals who are suspected of committing a crime or are persons of interest but have not yet been arrested. I deal with investigators, develop a defense strategy, and assist with a potential arrest and bond hearing.

Bond Reductions

Have you already been arrested but can’t afford to pay for your bond? Unfortunately, every judge can use their own discretion to set a bond, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I provide services for writs and bond reductions so you can be out as soon as possible.

Theft Crimes

Facing charges for shoplifting, stealing information or money, or failing to pay an individual for services? I aggressively defend theft cases and use the full extent of the law possible to explain your situation. I understand that mistakes happen and a theft should not jeopardize your future.

DWI/DUI Defense

Over the last five years, the Texas criminal justice system has come down hard on DWI cases by imposing stiff fines and jail sentences. I defend DWI’s by reviewing the evidence and leveraging the case’s weaknesses to secure a solution.

Drug Crimes

Texas is considered one of the strictest states on drugs, with prosecutors often seeking prison sentences or inpatient treatments for nonviolent offenses. I take a holistic approach through voluntary outpatient rehabilitation and court-supervised drug programs that can result in a dismissal of your case.

Assault And Domestic Violence

The Texas criminal system is extremely harsh on assaults and domestic violence cases. Even probation can result in the loss of your rights to own a firearm, employment, and the ability to seal your criminal record. I use a full range of options including affidavits of non-prosecution, anger management and trial to secure a dismissal.


Not all felonies are equal, but there is no such thing as a “baby” felony when you are facing jail time. The criminal justice system often seeks prison time for any offense regardless of whether the offense is violent. From drug trafficking to embezzlement, forgery and immigration offense, I will do whatever I can to defend your rights and seek a lesser sentence.

Probation Violations

Probation violations are a very delicate matter as terms of most probation agreements call for jail sentences and no bond. This means you may be in jail for months even before your case is set in court. I utilize my experience in the courtroom to explain your particular circumstance to the court and to get you back on probation.

Expunction And Nondisclosure

Even after securing a dismissal, your record must go through a separate process for it to be cleaned via an expunction or a notice of nondisclosure. This means that employers and academic programs can still see your criminal record. I offer these services at an affordable cost so you can move on with your life.

Federal Crimes

The federal criminal justice system is perhaps the harshest of its kind in this world. Offenses that qualify for dismissal or probation in the state court system can easily result in a conviction and prison time in the federal system. I have extensive experience securing dismissals and optimal plea agreements in the face of difficult odds.

Choose The Right Lawyer For You; Call Today

I know what it means to be an underdog because I have been an underdog my whole life. I am originally from La Feria, Texas. I have seen the criminal justice system firsthand from both the prosecution and defense sides of the bar. Many times I have seen attorneys force clients to accept lazy plea deals, without reviewing all the evidence, at the expense of their client’s rights and liberties. I pride myself in thoroughly reviewing my clients’ cases to explore every potential option. To learn more about how I can help, call my office at 956-468-2435 or fill out my contact form online today.

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