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Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Being accused of a criminal charge can be tremendously stressful. Having someone in your corner is key. I am Juan Ramos, founder of Juan Ramos Law Group, PLLC. I have helped clients throughout Texas who needed a strong defense attorney by their side. I will clearly explain your options and help you navigate the road ahead. After reading through the list of frequently asked questions below, call my office in McAllen to discuss your case further. You can reach me at 956-468-2435 or by filling out my contact form online. I serve clients in Hidalgo County and the Rio Grande Valley.

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is considered a less serious charge. Examples include possession of marijuana, petty theft and DWIs. Felonies have harsher penalties, often resulting in years behind bars and steep fines. This is for crimes such as kidnapping, sexual assault and aggravated robbery.

Do I have to speak to the police after getting arrested?

No. You have the right to remain silent and do not have to answer any of their questions. The first thing you should do is ask to speak with a lawyer.

I have not been arrested but an investigator has called me, should I get a lawyer?

Absolutely, yes! Law enforcement agencies only have so many resources. An investigator is calling you for a reason and it isn’t because you won the lottery. I often represent individuals involved in investigations and am even able to get the investigation dismissed prior to an arrest. Not every case has this outcome but having a criminal defense attorney by your side can help improve your chances of dismissing the case in the future.

What happens if I have an arrest warrant?

You need to call 956-468-2435 immediately to speak with me, attorney Juan Ramos, regarding your case. I am able to navigate you through a smooth arrest and assist with minimizing your bond so you can be out of jail in no time to assist with your criminal defense.

Why should I consider hiring a private attorney for my case?

There are tens of thousands of cases that make it through our criminal justice court system. This large volume of cases puts a strain on the indigent criminal defense and court appointment system. Retaining a criminal defense attorney provides you with the peace of mind that every option is explored before you make a decision regarding your case.

Will I go to prison or jail?

I will do everything I can to provide you with the representation you deserve. My goal is to help you avoid prison or jail time.

How much are your services to represent me in my case?

Every case is priced uniquely for the situation pertaining to that case. I typically offer flat fees estimating the amount of work for your particular case. You will always know the amount for representation without any surprises.

Do you have payment plans?

I do have payment plans that typically require half the retainer down and the balance paid in payments prior to the trial date. Typically, a payment plan will allow for clients to pay off their balance within 3-4 months.

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