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Hear From Our Clients

“Mr. Ramos represented me in my child custody case and he fought hard for me to get custody of my son.  Many attorneys told me I was likely not going to win, and Mr. Ramos told me it would be a battle, but he always assured me he was going to try his best.  And after some hard work he was able to win me custody.”

Anselmo Zavaleta


“Mr. Ramos helped me with my divorce after my husband threatened to take custody of my children for no reason other than to torment me.  Mr. Ramos fought for me every step of the way and I was able to not only get out of a toxic relationship but get primary conservatorship of my children.  I will always be grateful for his dedication to my case.”

Marissa Garcia


“I was unfortunately arrested due to a situation that arose in my personal life.  From day 1 Mr. Ramos never judged my situation and always gave me confidence that my case would get dismissed.  After a couple hearings, my case was dismissed and my record was able to be cleaned.  I am now able to continue my career without any issues.”

Emmanuel E.


“Mr. Ramos fought hard for my charges to be dismissed.  Every other attorney I had spoken with either charged me a fortune or tried to scare me saying that I was going to jail. Thank god I hired Mr. Ramos to represent my case.”

Sandy Rodriguez

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